Welcome to my website! This is the place where I showcase my incredible creations to the public. I am an elite C coder currently learning DirectX, and I also have skill in 3ds max. I am going to post my miraculous works here. As of now, my site may not look that interesting but If you bug me enough I might add some color. Scroll down to choose what you want to see.

GTA3 Mod page
I am a former GTA3 modder and you can view/download my works here. You can download my mods and view pictures of them in-game and from the 3D editor.

Programming page
Here you can download my amazing programs and the source code. I might be offering tutorials and programming resources in the future.

Enemies list
A list of people who I don't like. Both people I know personally and possibly important political figures will be listed here.

About me
Some more information about me.

Right now I am redesigning my site so there's going to be chaos everywhere. I'm going to add more crap below this line soon.